Usernames and Passwords for the members only section have been emailed to each of you. Those members who would like to change their username and password to something of their own choosing, can do so by emailing Amy Hissom-Daugherty at Please type "BCAAR New Login Request" in the subject field of your email and make sure the email itself includes your first and last name, as well as your choice of a username and password.

We have created a generic page within this site for each of the office listed below that does not have a website of it's own. You can email Amy any information about your office you'd like to see listed on your particular page. Those of you who do have websites can email the link to Amy and she will link to it instead of creating a page. Interested in a website of your own, Amy is available for hire and is ready to take on new work.

The BCAAR Board of Directors has decided to adopt the Beaver Creek State Park Water Wheel Renovation as one of our choices to meet the NAR Core Standards requirement for Community Involvement, and we are encouraging all of our members to get involved. In order to work on the renovation project, one must become a member of the Friends of Beaver Creek State Park. Attached is a Friends of Beaver Creek State Park application. If you have interest in volunteering for this project, please click here to print the application, complete the form, and mail, together with your $5.00 fee, to:

Cindy Lyon
Friends of Beaver Creek State Park
12425 SR 7
Lisbon, OH 44432

Thanks in advance for your participation.